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Presliced High Quality Cooked Ham from Organic Breeding (*)

Certified by Q Certificazioni S.r.l.- Code IT BIO 014 
Produced with selected pork legs, from controlled and certified farms according to organic production method in accordance with Reg. 834/2007 and Reg. 889/2008. Seasoned and slowly cooked in a steam oven according to Attilio Lenti's original recipe.


  • gluten free
  • no lactose
  • no caseinates
  • no OGM ingredients
  • no glutammate


(*) Organic certification garantees the respect of the following organic breeding norms:

  • Animals must have access to pastures (for herbivores most of the food must come from here) or for rough fodder - with the possibility of being outdoors
  • Animals can not be isolated - unless there are conditions or obligations to protect human and animal health
  • Stables must be provided where animals can not be outdoors all year long; Stables should have plenty of ventilation, natural lighting, and livestock density must ensure animal comfort and well-being
  • They must be fed with organic feed - predominantly from the same company or from companies in the same region that apply the organic production method
  • Young mammals must be fed with breast milk
  • Natural behaviors of animals must be respected
  • Only natural medicines can be used
  • There is a ban on mutilation