Italian Chicken Breast with herbs

Chicken breast seasoned according to Attilio Lenti’s original recipe, mixed with herbs, tied by hand and roasted in the oven. Enhanced with Mediterranean herbs inside. Ideal for people following a balanced diet and intrigued by more intense and particular flavour.

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In detail

  • Italian Chicken Breast With Mediterranean Herbs Inside
  • Tied by hand and oven roasted
  • Seasoned according to Attilio Lenti’s original recipe
  • Low fat

What else do you need to know

  • no allergeni icona

    allergen free*

  • Icona Spiga Barrata

    gluten free

  • icona no lattosio

    Lactose and caseinate free

  • *does not contain substances or products that can cause allergies or intolerances as referenced in Annex II of EU Regulation n ° 1169/2011