High Quality Cooked Prosciutto made with the select, fresh Italian pork leg, cut into large pieces.

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In detail

  • Large pieces of fresh Italian pork legs
  • Prosciutto cotto di alta qualità
  • Tender on the palate with the perfect balance of fat and lean
  • Intense aroma, taste that is engaging and full-bodied on the palate
  • Boned and moulded manually, without shank, rump trimmed
  • Seasoned and cooked according to Attilio Lenti’s original recipe

What else do you need to know

  • no allergeni icona

    allergen free*

  • Icona Spiga Barrata

    gluten free

  • icona no lattosio

    Lactose and caseinate free

  • *does not contain substances or products that can cause allergies or intolerances as referenced in Annex II of EU Regulation n ° 1169/2011