Advanced technologies to give an unmistakeable flavour.
processo di lavorazione

Lenti’s products are seasoned according to Attilio Lenti’s original recipe, but also using the most advanced technologies for intramuscular seasoning and for monitoring the maturing times of our meats.

A tradition created with continuous innovation

In 1935 Attilio Lenti, as true entrepreneur sensitive to the consumer’s tastes and needs, acquired the Beisser patent, an innovative system for intra-arterial seasoning: unlike the traditional flavouring by osmosis, the brine could reach every part of the thigh, shortening the production process from 15 days to 5.

Since the 1970s, the majority of meat processors have been using the most advanced intramuscular seasoning technology. Using an intramuscular injection, the brine solution is distributed throughout every part of the anatomical cut, with increased microbiological safety.

Lenti’s indispensable slow and careful production process also applies to the maturing times and the massaging of the meats, which occur after the seasoning and before the cooking; these processes can take up to 3 days.