Spices and herbs combined with knowledge and skill to create exclusive flavours.
antiche ricette

The recipes of our founder Attilio Lenti are an important legacy of knowledge and tradition that has been passed down for nearly a century. The ingredients are selected and skillfully combined to create exclusive blends that season the meats as they cook.

This is the recipe for the refined and unmistakable taste of Lenti’s products

A decoction prepared with dedication, according to the original recipe:

  • the choicest aromatic herbs and spices, including the warm and persistent aroma of cloves, the intensity of Papua flowers and the penetrating perfume of juniper;
  • Sea Salt, just a touch of it chosen for its perfect qualities.

In this way, Lenti’s products are free of allergens, gluten, lactose and caseinates and they contain no GMO ingredients or any additional polyphosphates or glutamate.

The result are products which represent an excellent source of high-quality protein and which, in the case of the Equilibrio and Bontà line and some pre-sliced ​​products of the La Grande Tradizione dei Cotti line (Turkey, Chicken and Beef Carpaccio), are also low fat (less than 3%).